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To make an enquiry or a reservation,  our email is ruralhorizons@hotmail.com.

We need to know how many you are; whether coming as a couple (there are two nice rooms with double beds, plus two other twin rooms); what day you intend to arrive, and more or less or for how many days.

A couple of simple rules: We don't have Meat on our table( we do eat fish), No Smoking inside the house, and obviously, try not to smash up the place.

Your contribution to running costs would be 25 Euros per person per night, including a good buffet-style self-service breakfast. There are good, even excellent restaurants in the village and surrounding villages, to give you a good cheap mid-day meal during the week (double at weekends), but in the evening there is a lot less choice and more expensiive,  so if you need supper, we can help you out with a no-frills evening meal, simple but economical, if you ask us in advance before mid-day. Alternatively you could heat yourself up something from a supermarket in town in the equipped kitchenette at your disposal. There are electric rings, microwaver, toaster, kettle, juicer, and small fridge.

Everybody staying in the house are automatically members of  the Rural Horizons Association, you just have to sign the Statute Book on arrival. Just for the legal necessities.

The programme of courses, conferences and seminars which we will be organizing, nearly all in Spanish language, will be published from Spring 2012 onwards, on the Spanish page of this website








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Rural Horizons