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Rural Horizons







In the lounge you will find a scrap-book, full of information on places to see and visit, a walk or a short car ride away.


There are two ways to have an interesting and pleasant stay with us: being accompanied, or under your own steam. So, unless you come in your own car, you will be met at the airport (Reus the nearest) and helped with accepting a hire car (best booked previously), and we will show you which routes to take. Or, being accompanied, when we will meet you at Reus airport with our 9-seater VW, and once lodged, we will take you to visit nice places in the afternoons. In the mornings you can take walks nearby or round the village, or stay and rest or study in the relaxing atmosphere of the house.


This being a mountain-top village, there are unparallelled views over the wide valley of the Conca de Barberà right the way down to the sea 50kms away, and from behind the village we see the whole long chain of the Pyrenees, covered in snow except in summer. So apart from a walk up to the top part of the village for the views and to visit the 1000-year-old Romanic church and wander round the old village, or taking a walk in the local countryside to visit the ancient spring or to pick aromatic plants, there many interesting visits to be made locally.


Our place is in the lower part of the village, which avoids being shrouded in clouds as is the top part when it's cloudy, but just as cool in summer, and is at more or less the same altitude as several local places that can be cycled to (we have 2 adult +1 child's bike we can hire you very cheaply) along the tracks improved by the windmill installers. The windmills provide great wondering for younger visitors, and although initially their presence scared off most of our local eagle population, recently we have been noticing the return of soaring great birds of prey in the skies over the Conca.


We are very lucky to have a few minutes drive away the brand-new 5-star thermal spring establishment of Rocallaura, extremely well-equipped and guaranteed to make you feel a new person in two hours. We have multi-ticket entries which reduce the price from 23 to 15€ all-in. We have also installed a hydro-massage and steam sauna therapy cabin on the ground floor next to the yoga room; you feel 50 times better than taking a shower afterwards. Cost 5€ per session.


The house is equipped with solar-heated hot water, which has electric back-up in case the sun doesn't shine in more than 2 days, which is extremely rare. There are either summer or winter duvets on all the beds. The windows are fitted with anti-fly screens, and there are virtually no mosquitos in the whole village. Each guest is provided with a hand and shower towel, which are checked before departure, as is the kitchen equipment. The flushes in the 4 separate WC's and the water taps are fitted with water-saving devices, and the central heating is a special low-consumption electric system. There is a big satellite dish, so in the visitor lounge, (shared by the 4 double bedrooms) the TV receiver gives all the Spanish channels and most of the British ones, BBC 1+ 2, ITV 1,2,3 +4 and Channel 4. In case of any difference of what to watch, by default it gets fixed on BBC1.


The great advantage of staying up in our village and not down in the humid sweltering heat of the coast in summer, is that although it may be as hot outside as the coast on a very sunny day, in the evening there is a delicious freshness, when one can open the windows and let the cool into the house, keeping them closed during the day, as the very thick s stone walls of the house keep a steady temperature of 23-23ºC in summer and with the heating on the rest of the year at a steady 18-20º.


Your Stay